Steps to Consider for Choosing a Contractor

Essential Steps for Choosing a Contractor

We want your renovation project to be an enjoyable experience and one of the most important factors is deciding on a reliable contractor.  Your contractor should be able to do an outstanding job without running over budget or causing extreme delays.  Here are some steps to follow to find a contractor that’s right for you.

#1   Get a referral.  You can ask friends or relatives, but also look at professionals in the field.  Also look at photos of the contractor’s work to see if their work fits your type of project and expectations.  Don’t be afraid to ask your contractor for referrals!

Glikas Enterprises is proud to have great customer referrals which are available upon request.

#2 Check your contractor’s credentials.  Make sure your contractor is licensed, bonded and insured.  Licensed contractors are also monitored by their state licensing agency for compliance with state codes and state regulations.  A successful project depends on finding a contractor who is reliable, ethical and competent.  Do a simple Google search.  The longer a company has been in business the more likely they are to be around if any warranty work is needed. 

Glikas Enterprises has been in business since 2010. Our State of New Mexico business license is #367814 and we are insured up to $3 million dollars for general liability. Glikas Enterprises also holds industry certifications from OSHA, EPA and E-Verify.

#3       Request a written, detailed estimate and contract.  The contractor should be able to provide a written estimate detailing the project, costs, and pricing. Upon acceptance of the estimate, the contractor should provide a written contract specifying the details of the project, timelines and pricing.  A written contract will protect the customer by providing details of necessary permits and to ensure the job is done properly and to code.  It should also address changes, cost overruns, delays and warranties.

Glikas Enterprises will provide you with a written estimate or proposal.  Once accepted, we will draw up a written contract.

#4       Look for a Contractor that communicates well with you.  Find a contractor who has good communication skills and takes the time to talk with you in understanding your style and desired outcome for your project.  Meeting in person is important to make sure you are a good fit for each other.  After all, the contractor and team will be spending a lot of time in your home.

Glikas Enterprises will schedule an appointment with you to go over your project. We want you to ask questions.  We will listen to your concerns and make sure we understand you needs and expectations.

We would like an opportunity to explain our services and why we would be the best choice for your project. 

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