Is That The Cheapest You Can Go?

How Much Should A Contractor Charge?

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          Most clients are trying to get the most bang for their buck and we understand that.  When we give you the first “estimate” for your job, it will include our “markup and profit.” Although these costs are not separated out for you to see in the estimate, they are necessary for us to stay in business.   “Markup” is a general term that applies to the overhead and profit that any business needs to realize if the business wants to stay in business. It is the amount a business charges above their direct cost.  These costs go to office expenses, insurance, accounting, licenses, taxes, bonds, and employee expenses, just to name a few.


          If you think it through, trying to get your contractor to reduce the price of the job is not smart. Why would you want to use a cut rate contractor to improve or repair your major investment, usually your home?  You would not ask a surgeon to reduce his price before doing surgery on you, would you?  Do you really want them to go cheap? So, if you’re focused on finding the cheapest contractor to do your job, you have a very good chance of selecting a contractor who will go out of business while trying to build your job.


Glikas Enterprises intends to stay in business for many years to come, so that our customers are assured that we will be around to back up our work and our warranty.Our basic warranty is one year on materials and one year for workmanship, but depending on the type of work done, this can be increased.Just ask give us a call and we can discuss your project and answer any questions or concerns you have.